NorthPost Partners, LP

Our Fund

“No boom. No bust. Just consistent, market-beating results.”

-Rus Chao, President of NorthPost Partners, LP

We are a small hedge fund. We’re not here to sell you the impossible dream of incredible gains and lavish riches. We’re here to make you a steady income for the rest of your life.

So how do we do that?

We’re small, which means we’re nimble.

Large hedge funds cannot react to market gyrations. We can respond quickly to maximize gains and minimize losses.

We are opportunistic.

In bull markets, we find longs. In bear markets, we find shorts. In a sideways market we sell option premium. Our system is not just one system. It is a combination of systems to maximize profits in each and every type of market.

We are often wrong and not afraid to admit it.

The secret to outperforming is quickly cutting underperformers. When we’re wrong on a trade, our system tells us very early and we get out. Because we know making gains is all about finding ways to minimize losses.

The NPP Team


Dr. Arnout Ter Schure

Originally, Dr. Ter Schure holds a doctorate in environmental sciences. During his scientific career Dr. Ter Schure published over twenty peer-reviewed papers, showing his driven and professionalism. However, after almost twenty years within the field of energy and the environment he realized his true passion was with the financial markets. He pursued his dreams and passion and started his own stock- and market forecasting company as well as North Post Partners in 2014. His expertise in many forms of technical analysis help NPP be a successful and adaptive, private equity firm.

Rus Chao

Rus Chao began trading when he was 14 years old. In his 27 years of trading experience, he has honed his system of trading and risk management that now beats the market year after year. Using a mixed method of both Elliot Wave research and option tape reading, he can capitalize on quick moves in the market, taking gains quickly and minimizing risk. While Dr. Ter Schure is the long game expert, Mr. Chao is the short game specialist, trading and options expert. Combined, both Rus and Arnout give NorthPost Partners year after year gains that consistently beat, not only the S&P 500, but other leading hedge funds as well.