NPP's This Week In Trading 6.22.19

Weekly Letter: 6.22.19

Market Environment: Volatile

Names Added This Week: AMRN BABA CRM DBX

New Names Watching This Week: EA

Happy Saturday everyone. And welcome to our brand new NPP Premium VIP members! Excited to have you as a part of the family.

We ended the week at NPP's all time highs. We had many winners including the recently added BABA and CRM as well as a big run in QD. Our biggest drag on the week was AMD. And if you are Premium member and own this name, there is an update in the chart below to move up your stop. We have moved up our stop for Fund members.

The only new name we are watching this week is EA. The pattern on that name is a powerful one, and if it breaks in a bullish direction, the move should be profitable. Notes on that name as well as all other names are on the charts below.

We kept our Market Environment as "Volatile" for now, and will stick to Volatility Trading Rules. However, I believe we are now in a Trending Market. The only reason I haven't changed it to Trending is because the general market is getting extended on this rally and could have a .50/.618 pullback at any time. The SPX could still run as high as 3020, maybe even 3100 before the bigger pullback, but we would rather stay nimble in case it doesn't. However, once the larger pullback does occur, finds footing, and then begins a new wave up, we will flip our Market Environment to "Trending" and hold trades for longer to reach higher targets. Because if that occurs, our next SPX target will be 3300.

As we mentioned in last week's update, the market was waiting on the Fed decision on Wednesday before it decided which way it was going. And boy was it decisive! The market loved the Fed decision and rocketed higher. Next week we don't expect a large movement higher like last week. Ideally, we consolidate above the 2930 level, work off some overbought levels, then head higher. Ideally. But if we don't hold that level, we can expect at least a retest of the 50sma at 2878. Which is why we're staying nimble and waiting to see what plays out.

Please email me any questions you have. Looking forward to another money-making week.

Onto week 26!

This Week's P&L:

NPP: +0.15%
SPX: +2.54%

This Month's P&L:

NPP: +2.03%
SPX: +7.44%

This Year's P&L:

NPP: +6.13%
SPX: +17.70%

NPP vs SPX Lifetime: (blue line=NPP)

Screen Shot 2019-06-15 at 8.33.43 AM.png

Current Positions:

Long-term: ACB (calls) ARKG CRSP (calls) EEM GE GLD NIO NIO (calls) QD (calls)  SGMS SGMS (calls) SIG (calls) SNAP (calls) SPOT VIPS Z (calls)


Quickies: AMRN

Charles Chao