NPP's This Week In Trading 6.29.19

Weekly Letter: 6.29.19

Market Environment: Volatile

Names Added This Week: EA GILD TSLA (short)

New Names Watching This Week: AMAT TWTR X

Happy Saturday everyone. Hope you all have your July 4th plans ready and are looking forward to the well deserved break.

NPP ended the week a little off our all-time highs. Gains in AMD, CRSP and BABA did not quite make up for the losses in CRM QD SNAP and GILD. But, we are set up to rock next week if the market has upside follow through. And given the already positive vibes from the Trump/Xi meeting this morning, the odds of said follow through just went up.

This is not a prediction, but we do expect a gap up Monday. Given the fact that 3020 has been our target for this wave up and we are starting to get close, we will be taking profits if we run into SPX 3000 early next week. We will hold some in case we overshoot to 3100, but no sense in getting greedy at this point in the game. After 3000, we'll wait for a pullback when the risk/reward is more favorable to buy again. We'll be looking to add back the names we take profits on as well as some new names we are watching like AMAT TWTR and X.

We are still keeping our Market Environment as "Volatile." But as I stated last week, we believe we are in a Trending Market. However, we want to wait for that .50/.618 pullback to change to "Trending." After the pullback I'll feel much better about holding names for longer to reach higher targets.

Below are all of the charts of names we own and names we are watching.

Please email me any questions you have.

Onto week 27!

This Week's P&L:

NPP: -0.89%
SPX: -0.35%

This Month's P&L:

NPP: +1.12%
SPX: +7.09%

This Year's P&L:

NPP: +5.18%
SPX: +17.35%

NPP vs SPX Lifetime: (blue line=NPP)

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 6.51.45 AM.png

Current Positions:

Long-term: ARKG CRSP (calls) EA EEM GE GILD GLD QD (calls) SNAP (calls) VIPS Z (calls)


Quickies: AMRN

Shorts: TSLA

Charles Chao